FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Photography Services Do You Offer Clients?

We offer our worldwide clients professional photography services in:

  1. Portraiture
  2. Events
  3. Commercial

2. How Do I Book For A Photo Shoot Session?

To book your photo session, visit Scenegraphy Studio contact us page and complete your details. We will get back to you for consultation, bookings and photography pricing information.

3. When Are You Available To Photograph My Family And I?
At Scenegraphy Studio we're always happy to have you as a client requesting our professional photography services. We're  excited and ready to photograph you and your family. Usually, we like one to three weeks notice. However, if this is an urgent photography request, we can work out suitable day and time for you.

Simply contact Scenegraphy Studio. One of our team will help you with the bookings.

4. When Are Your Opening Days, Times And Months?
Our official opening days, months and times are:

  • Open: Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm
  • Close: Sunday

Photo Shoot Sessions
Each client's photo shoot session is different. For instance, we may work during a wedding photo shoots between two to fourteen hours depending on each client's needs.

5. What Photographic Equipment Do You Use For Photo Shoots?
We use award-winning professional camera and photographic equipment to deliver superior and precision photo shoot results for our worldwide clients. Our top range gear includes Nikon D4.

6. Can Your Camera And Lenses Handle Low-Light Situations?
Yes. We use top range professional camera equipment for all our photo shoots. All of these photographic equipment are designed by Nikon and easily handle low-light situations including the interior of churches, dark places around streets, night time photography and other places with low light. We use Nikon D4 for all our photo shoots, which is a top range professional camera for low light photography.

7. During Photo Shoots Do You Use RAW Or JPEG?
We use Nikon D4 professional camera for our clients photo shoots. Due to its benefits in capturing clients special moments, we shoot in RAW because it retains the quality of each photograph.

8. Do You Do Candid Photography?
Yes. At Scenegraphy Studio, our expert photographers are experienced in capturing our clients unique memories including Candid Photography.

9. Can We Have Our Photographs In Black And White?
Yes. Scenegraphy Studio expert photographers are specialist in both colored and black and white photography.

10. Can You Photograph Me With My Style of Photography?
Yes. Before the photo shoots day, you can let us know all your styles and preferences  Our expert photographers guarantee to deliver professional photography results to meet your expectations.

11. What Should I Wear For The Photography Session?
We usually do not force it on our clients on what they should wear. However, we only encourage you to wear whatever you find simple, nice and comfortable. Feel free to contact Scenegraphy Studio for more tips regarding what you may wear during your photo shoots.

12. I'm Shy In Front of A Camera. Can I Have Great Photos?
Relax and have fun. Shyness is okay for any one. You're special and be yourself. Our photography are friendly. They are experienced photographers in working with different people from various backgrounds, ages and more. We'll help you get great photographs. Guaranteed!

13. Do You Charge Travel Costs And Accommodation For Photography Job?
Yes. We will work out the costs to and from the places of photo shoots. During photography consultations, we'll let you know the travel and accommodation costs.

14. Where Are Your Clients Based?
Scenegraphy Studio is an international photography company based in the United Kingdom. We travel world-wide to our clients for photo and video shoots. Countries where our clients are located include but not limited to UK, Austria, Germany, Nigeria, Ghana, and US. Whether you're based in the UK or other countries, no problem. We have the professional photographic equipments to travel to achieve all your photo and video shoot needs. Contact Scenegraphy Studio for information regarding fees and bookings.

15. During Photo Shoots Do We Provide You With Meals?
We provide our own food and nourishment during the entire photo shoots. However, many clients insist we have meals with them! If this is the case, we will accept the kind offers from them.

16. Do You Photograph Clients At Their Home Or Offices?
Yes. We offer home and office photo shoots to all our worldwide clients who want these services. We have the professional photographic equipment to deliver unique results to meet your expectations.

17. Do You Work With Other Professional Photographers During Photo Shoots?
Yes. We are happy to work with other professional photographers across the world to deliver professional photography results the clients. If you're a professional photographer and require additional photographer for a photo shoot, feel free to contact Scenegraphy Studio today.

18. How Many Photographs Do We Get After Photo Shoots?
Each photography package has specific total photos for you. You can select a package with your specific needs.

19. How Long Do I Get My Pictures After Photo Shoots?
After each photo shoots, it takes between one to six weeks to get you pictures depending on the photography package you select. All depends on your package and the type of photo shoots.

20. Do You Supply Digital Photos In High Resolutions?
Yes. At Scenegraphy Studio, we can supply you with a high resolution of your photos in CD, DVD and USB Flash Drives. Fees apply.

21. Do You Offer Original Photos To Clients For Purchase?
Yes. You can always purchase photos from us for your photo shoots. Simply go to the section "Clients Photos" select your choice of photos and following the instructions to print. Let us know if you need help to order or print your photos.

22. Do You Store Photographs For Future Request?
Yes. We store most of our clients photographs in external hard drives. However, due to its huge numbers, from time to time we may decide to delete some photographs that are stored for more than six months.

23. Who Owns The Photograph Copyright?
Scenegraphy Studio has the exclusive rights to all its photographs from all clients photo shoots. We  may offer to give you exclusive right to your pictures for a specific amounts. Contact Scenegraphy Studio for more details regarding the photograph copyright.

24. What Payment Method Can I Use To Pay For My Photos?
At Scenegraphy Studio, we aim to make your payment process easy. You may make payment using Cash, PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Bank Cheque. Contact Scenegraphy Studio for more payment options.

25. Do You Have Photography Insurance?
Yes. We have Comprehensive Photographic Insurance.

26. Do You Offer Architectural Photography Service?
Yes. We're also architectural photographers. Our photography portfolio includes real estates and architectures. For instance, to easily sell or rent your house and make better profits, you'll need high resolution images of the interior and exterior of the building. Also, we work with architects and interior designers to photograph the interior and exterior of buildings. Contact Scenegraphy Studio expert photographer to help you photograph your house or any other buildings you're interested in.

27. Can I Ask You Specific Photography Question?
Yes. If you're interested to find out more about our professional photography services, contact Scenegraphy Studio today.



Image Copyright Scenegraphy Studio_All rights reserved_ND8_4431_ccImage Copyright Scenegraphy Studio_All rights reserved_ND8_4431_ccImage Copyright Scenegraphy Studio_All rights reserved "Best Photographer You Will Ever Find"
"This is the best photographer you will ever find. Excellent in every way , very friendly very sociable he is above and beyond. Excellent! Every one who was at the wedding reception commented about how good he was. 
I highly recommend him. Will not find any one better."
Testimonial From: Frances Laird
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