Welcome. Scenegraphy Studio photographers and videographers, delivering breathtaking images for you. We specialize in worldwide destination high end photography and videography services.

Remember: Don’t rely on someone who is participating in the ceremony, such as a sister or father, mother, friends, relations to do the photoshoots or videoshoots. Get a professional photographer and or videographer to capture your special moment. This is your only guarantee to have trusted and quality images.

Our photography and videography services include:

Photography and Videography Services (Events Only)

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Church Baptism, Holy Communion
  • All Parties and events

Portraiture Photography Services (Portraits Only)

Here are the types of portraits photography we are specialised in:

  1. Traditional or Classical Portraiture
  2. Environmental Portrait Photography
  3. Candid Portrait Photography
  4. Posed Portrait Photography
  5. Formal Portrait Photography
  6. Individual Portrait Photography
  7. Couple Portrait Photography
  8. Group Portrait Photography
  9. Close-Ups Portrait Photography
  10. Family Portrait Photography
  11. Engagement Portrait Photography
  12. Graduation Portrait Photography

Hire us now for all your photoshoots and videoshoots. Check out our bookings for photography and videography page.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Travel?
Yes absolutely. We are based in the United Kingdom. We are destination photographers and videographers and travel within the UK and outside UK.

Any worldwide country, city, and town we are avaliable to get the job done for you.

* Travel expenses for the UK and outside UK photoshoots and or videoshoots are separate.

What Happen to the Images?
The images we send to you on USB are yours to keep and do with as you please. You can print the images, use them on social media, share them with friends and family. The choice is yours.

What About Bad Weather?
We have the experience in dealing with cloudy, rainy, windy, snowy weathers. In addition, our camera lenses and cameras are built for all hash weathers. Relax. We’ll get the job done for you.

When Will the Final Edited Photos or Videos Be Ready for Collection?
Each image is professionally edited, which takes on or before six weeks to be ready for your collection.

How Do I Collect My Photos or Videos?
We can hand the photos or videos in USB directly to you. Alternatively, we can post the photos or videos to your address worldwide.

I Am Shy And Do Not Like Being Photographed. What Do I Do?
Do not worry. We have experience to handle people that are comfortable and uncomfortable in the front of cameras. All we say always is relax, be your natural self and we’ll do the rest for you.

Relax. It’s a fun day.

Do You Do Urgent Jobs? Can You Be Given Urgent Notice?
Usually, our clients book in advance. However, we’re available to accommodate some urgent photoshoots and or videoshoots. Most times we can work something out to help you with the photoshoots and or videoshoots.

Call and tell us when and where you need the jobs done.

Can I Select My Own Music Preferences In My Video?
Yes. Let us know in advance.

Other Services

We organise and run photography for beginners, intermediate and advance packages. Each package runs for three weeks.

We can be hired also to teach you photography at your preferred locations across the UK.

Contact us now for more details.

What You Can Do Next

For all other information request, contact us now at Scenegraphy Studio.