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Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we ONLY accept to do photography and videography jobs for our clients who have taken both (two) jabs of their Covid-19 vaccines. We'll like proof of the vaccine jabs taken by you. This is due to the health and safety of our staff. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Explore our categories of professional photography and videography services:


  • Photography: Portraiture Photographers (Wedding and Engagement, Commercial/Editorial, School, Graduation). 
  • Additional Photography: (Headshots, Food Photography, Closeup Eye Portrait Photography).
  • Videography: Events Videographers (Wedding and Engagement, Commercial, School, Graduation).
  • Destination Photography or Videography: We're available to travel along with you to any country of your choice for your special event day. 


Special Events: You can hire us (one-time, part-time, temporary or permanent basis) in the following photography and videography categories:

  • Alumni Events 
  • Black Tie Events 
  • Book Launches 
  • Cocktail/Holiday Parties 
  • Community Service Outreach 
  • Company Events 
  • Company Parties 
  • Conferences Conventions 
  • Corporate Branding Sessions 
  • Corporate Trips/Outings 
  • Donation Ceremonies 
  • Fashion Shows (Fashion Catwalk and Runway Shows) 
  • Food and Product Photography 
  • Food Drives 
  • Formal Dinners 
  • Groundbreaking Ceremonies 
  • Headshots
  • Holiday Photography (Christmas, New Years and many other holidays)
  • Home Office or Headquarter Photos 
  • Product Launches 
  • Promotional Events 
  • Newborn Photography (Images of newborn babies)
  • Red Carpet Show
  • Restaurant & Storefront Photos 
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies 
  • Social Media Photography (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more)
  • Team or Staff Group Photos 
  • Trade Shows

Photography for Beginners: Learn the techniques the professional and best photographers use to shoot great images, including manual technique. Also, learn the correct way to use automatic camera technique. Easily learn and improve your photography skills. Shoot great photos like the pro. Enlist today.


We're some of the worldwide destination best photographers and the best videographers. Our photography and videography sessions with you take place at your chosen place:

  • Makeup: You can apply makeup as you desire before your photo or video sessions. During your sessions, you can re-apply makeup if required. Be informed that this will take up your photo/video session time!
  • Hairstyle: We ask that everyone's hair is done according to their desire. This is a personal choice of yours. Feel free to have the style of hair you're more comfortable with.
  • Clothing: While we love a variety of clothing changes over the course of the session, feel free to wear clothing you're more comfortable with. If you don’t feel comfortable in it, you most likely won’t shoot well while wearing it. Wear jewelry to a minimum. For those of you wearing glasses and have multiple pairs, then we'd appreciate you bringing them along in order to ascertain their glare factor.


Our photography and videography approach is to make you feel relax and comfortable, ultimately, this result in the highest quality photos and videos. For those who are shy in front of camera, don't worry. Our natural style helps to calm you and make you feel relax.

In addition to our professional experience and skills, we like to know some of your must-have shots to be included among our style of photoshoots and videoshoots.

We appreciate punctuality and encourage everyone to fulfil the agreed appointment time. For our part, we're always punctual. If for any unforeseen events, we'll endeavour to inform you on time. On your part, please inform us on time of any delays. We try as much as possible to make your photo and video sessions stress free.


To all our clients who want to login to their galleries, go to www.scenegraphystudio.com, on the top navigation, "Clients Hub" and from the dropdown lists, select your preferred location: 

  1. Baptism & Confirmation Gallery
  2. Birthday Gallery
  3. Family Photo Gallery
  4. Festival Gallery
  5. Graduation Gallery
  6. Food Photography Gallery
  7. Headshot Gallery
  8. Portraiture Gallery
  9. Wedding & Anniversary Gallery
  10. Close Up Eye Portrait Photography
  11. Fashion Shows Photography


We're available all year round. Hire Scenegraphystudio photographers Austria, videographers Austria, videographers Vienna, videographers Nigeria, videographers UK and photographers UK.

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